Weekend done, and so little done

Training wise, that was.

5 sessions coached, 90+ km on the bike, and a lot of pints.

Monday – rest day. Notwithstanding not training over the weekend, I was feeling a bit cooked and had to assess the rest of what I needed to do work wise.

Tuesday: coaching in the morning, recovery jog in the morning, then back home. Panic because I’d forgotten lunch in town with a mate. Great chat, and pounded down a burger and a (half) pint in not much time at all. Both mistakes. The burger and the pint, that is. For I was turning up for the first time at Cambridge University Hare and Hounds (Cross Country Club) interval session at 1500. The session on the board was 2*(8*75 seconds on/45 seconds off), with 3 mins rest at the end of each 8). Phil, the coach, had enough experience to recognise a fat, unfit, novice when first he saw one, and suggested that I do every second one. First one, fine, not dropped too much. Second one on 45 secs rest, OH GOD. Took the 2 mins rest as suggested. Then kept getting my arse handed to me each time, 50 + meters each time. A bit of an eye opener, really.  I was told afterwards that the two top guys are GB U23 champ in the 5k, and the quickest 1500 runner at the Varsity Match in the last few decades, but hell.

Wednesday: Didn’t quite have to walk down the stairs backwards, but I could feel the running. Rode very slowly to coaching, for a very good session indeed. A second 8, but one that worked very well together. Off for a swim. A compromised one indeed. I’d forgotten the luxury of squad swimming – not for the crowding or otherwise, but for the fact that everyone is trying to leave off the same interval, for the same session. So, approx 800 warmup of swim, drills, and pull. Not so bad. The enjoyable part was the swimming – not much faster, but a little better for perceived effort and the occasional feeling of actually being able to swim. Main set: 4*(3*150 FS with 50 back stroke). 1,3 swim, 2,4 pull. The 150s were off a goal of 2:30 send off, all at 2:10-2:15, which I was reasonably happy with. Sharing a lane with people a lot slower in the advanced lane, but both they and i were fairly patient and the session went OK.

What I was NOT happy about was the influx of schoolkids at 1000, which took up another lane, and pushed 4 lanes into 2. The speed delta was bad enough with 3 people in a lane, but 6? In a “fast” lane with people swimming over 2:00/100s and others swimming breastroke and keeping their heads dry? I left at speed. Not even worth trying to round out for 3k for the session. No weights session today, as Skyping the family.


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